Lab Neurotronic

The Neurotronics Lab S206 is an interdisciplinary experimental laboratory at ITBA. Here are some of the devices we have available for all students:

  • g.Tec g.Nautilus 8 channels: A high-quality wireless EEG device tailored for BCI applications.
  • EPOC Emotiv 14 channels: The first version of this headset. It is excellent for implementing basic EEG paradigms, even though the signal * quality is not the best. It is easy to wear and handle.
  • Mindwave NeuroSky Mobile: Very easy to wear, good for detecting EOG.
  • Muse 3 channels: Good for detecting facial movements.
  • OpenBCI/Ganglion: 8 channels. Excellent for exploring electrophysiology issues.
  • OpenEEG Olimex: Good for EKG.
  • Bitalino: Good for EDA and GSR.
  • Additional devices: Sip-and-Puff air volumetric sensors, SpO2 sensors, switch buttons.
  • Robot Prototyping: Aluminum rods and beams, 3D printer.


A Robotic Vest to aid in Post-Stroke Dynamic Human Balance Rehabilitation


Mobile Robotic Platform to carry the Oxygen Tank


KComplex and Slow Wave Localization and Detection for EEG Sleep Research


Robotic platform to study young toddlers behaviour