• PI: Lic. Giulia Carbonari


MIMIR is a software platform based on python and MNE, that allows and assist the Sleep Researcher on the localization and classification of neural components that are relevant in Sleep Research.


The method based on the Histogram of Oriented Gradients can be used to detect different trascient signal components, like K-Complexes. We implemented a method which ended up being too slow but that was very good at matching existing template components against candidates on an EEG Stream. There is a lot of work ahead to be done.

  • This project is performed at: https://www.labsuenoymemoria.com/ directed by PI Dr. Cecilia Forcato.
  • ITBA Students: Aylin Agatha Vazquez Chenlo ayvazquez@itba.edu.ar, JULIA CAROSI jcarosi@itba.edu.ar