Lab Neurotronic

The Neurotronics Lab S206 is an interdisciplinary experimental laboratory at ITBA. Here are some of the devices we have available for all students:

  • g.Tec g.Nautilus 8 channels: A high-quality wireless EEG device tailored for BCI applications.
  • EPOC Emotiv 14 channels: The first version of this headset. It is excellent for implementing basic EEG paradigms, even though the signal * quality is not the best. It is easy to wear and handle.
  • Mindwave NeuroSky Mobile: Very easy to wear, good for detecting EOG.
  • Muse 3 channels: Good for detecting facial movements.
  • OpenBCI/Ganglion: 8 channels. Excellent for exploring electrophysiology issues.
  • OpenEEG Olimex: Good for EKG.
  • Bitalino: Good for EDA and GSR.
  • Additional devices: Sip-and-Puff air volumetric sensors, SpO2 sensors, switch buttons.
  • Robot Prototyping: Aluminum rods and beams, 3D printer.