Lab Neurotrónica

El lab de neurotrónica s206 es un laboratorio de experimentación interdisciplinario del ITBA. Estos son algunos de los juguetes que tenemos disponible para todos los alumnos:

  • g.Tec g.Nautilus de 8 canales: high quality wireless EEG device tailored for BCI applications.
  • EPOC Emotive 14 channls: the first version of this headset. It is excellent to implement basic EEG paradigms even though the signal is not so good. Easy to wear and easy to handle.
  • Mindwave NeuroSky Mobile: very easy to wear, good for detecting EOG.
  • Muse 3 channels: good for detecting facial movements.
  • OpenBCI/Ganglion: 8-channels. Excelent to play with electrophisiology issues.
  • OpenEEG Olimex: Good for EKG
  • Bitalino: good for EDA and GSK.
  • Additional devices: Sipp-and-Puff air volumetric sensors, SpO2, swtich buttons.
  • Robot Prototyping: aluminium rods and beams, 3D Printer.