SAR Q.Bo for Gerontology



This is a Social Assistive Robot built on top of the Q-BO project based on RPi and Arduino. It is currently implemented by using Google Assistant as voice recognition and text to speech synthesis. The robot hardware has a central controller on a RPi and a microcontroller based on an Arduino port. It has two capacity sensors on each side of the face, a LED array for the mouth, a multifrequency LED for the nose. It can pan and tilt its head. It has two speakers and two microphones. Speech-To-Text is the problem of generating formatted text from audio speech. The opposite is Text-To-Speech which is the traditional synthetizer. QBo has already both, and they work fairly well. Finally it has two low resolutions USB Cameras. Additionally, the robot has an external basic 7-DOF arm with a payload of 0.5 kg, that can be controlled from the serial bus of the RaspberryPi.


The aim of the project is to modify the sofware and adapt the hardware to implement a SAR robot to assist in gerontology settings. It can be used to resarch or to build a workable product for elderly assistance, either from the point of view of caregivers or from homecare therapy.


Fix and implement the new method. Integrate with the arm. Embodied Conversational Agents (ECAs). There is a chance that this project is conducted jointly with the company This company provides software that can handle and extract meaningful information from chats, and provide meaningful chatbots and chat flow managers. This is excelent to connect with ChatGPT to perform the interaction.